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Mr. Liju Philip, #Seasoned #Equity #Investor, Hyderabad, worked in IT as a Systems and Network Administrator (2000-2012 in Singapore). Finance, Business and Investing is where my primary interests lie. Since 2005, I have been an active investor in the Indian stock markets. Other interests include reading (mostly non-fiction and biographies), movies, music, cricket, football, travel etc.

His #Feedback about #MFFPWC - CFP Video Learning Kit (Enrolled in April'18- Day 1 to 5)

Dear Sir,

These are my key learnings

1. #Think #logically and #not #emotionally. Instead of jumping into a decision, as a FP, we need to help the client break down the problem into small parts, analyse them well and give them various options to make logical financial decisions instead of being emotional about things.

2. Helping the client get #debt #free as fast as possible should be one of the major advice to give. If the client has costly debts in the form of credit card loans / personal loans and if the client has some money parked in low interest earning FDs, then he should be advised to use the FDs to pay up the costly credit card and personal loans.

3. Instead of maintaing the same amount in SIP every month for years, the client must be encouraged to opt for #step #up SIP. As the client gets a salary raise, he should be encouraged to even step up the SIP amount.

4. When faced with any financial problem or examination question, the first step is to draw a timeline and list down all the variables. Using the 5 step process should be the basic requirement to solve any problem.

5. All #Goals must be properly #categorized into short term (1 to 5 years), medium term (6 to 10 years) and long term (11 to 30 years). This allows for easy, targeted and practical planning to achieve each goal.

6. #Asset #allocation is a must for every individual / family. Instead of putting all money into just one savings instruments, the portfolio must be a good mix of equity/mutual funds, real estate, gold, liquid funds etc.

Liju Philip

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