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To see a chubby beauty with Carol, what to wear meimei it deserve our
using for reference. Never wear to wear good-looking, wear fashionable,
beauty is the most worthy of reference, the reasonable foster strengths
and circumvent weaknesses.

Her face at first: Shape micro
fat her arm is thick, Belly button to the thigh meat more, But the
chest to the obvious low back line, And crus coarse

Actually a lot of office worker is the pear-shaped figure, but we need to do is cover the fat, thin place.

1, avoid thick arms

beauty on the left side of this group of collocation, but thick arm's
shortcomings, it is revealing its short. Arm coarse, of course, is not
can't wear sleeveless Women Party Dresses,
can choose: As that between the shoulder straps to adduction, can
appear the whole thin; Or deep v-neck, strapless, a word with the outfit
that show a shoulder collar type, can highlight thin clavicle,

If the arm is not insurance, that you think
to wear long sleeve is it ready? Is close to the arm sleeve arm coarse,
especially the lace pattern (left) is more magnified effect; Choose the
right that has a certain margin and fit sleeve to cover the right!

2. Cover your hips and thighs

Europe and the United States people in breast fat buttock, for beauty,
but most Chinese girl still can't accept the ass too too much meat. Then
avoid too tight package hip skirt, choose A word skirt of loose or
umbrella skirt skirt, Not only can cover the hips and thighs stout, can
highlight slender waist and leg.

As for pants, tight
buttocks and thigh pencil pants, bell bottoms are thick thighs, But
there is a surplus of straight leg (including smoking haroun pants,
pants, wide-legged pants) make capable handsome figure look better.
Behind the pencil pants, of course, is not can't wear, let's say what to

3, to highlight the waist the finest place

Don't cry because it is fat all day wear comfortable casual Party Dresses,
accept waist clothes actually highlights the curve of women will be
more beautiful. Such as waist small suit, not only highlight the waist
fine, the hem of the micro card can cover the belly and buttocks, no
waist line and belt to also want to wear a closed the effect of the

Dress contrast also see a set, do you think loose
cover the meat dress in fact will only messy like Boyle, Short skirt or
dress, the effect of tall waist line to receive the waist can be more
elegant and have feminine taste.

Who is that fat girl can't wear fashionable and sexy outfit that show a stomach? As long as the lower half choose high waist Prom Dresses,
high waist pants, highlight the position of the belly button above the
waist the finest beauty ~ And still has the effect of age and lively!

4, highlight the charm of the calf and ankle

thick thighs, calves and ankles not coarse! Length to the central thigh
long clothes, can cover your thighs stout, preserving the calf's charm.
And also can stretch the proportion of the lower body, from the vision
show long legs. In addition to high open fork skirt also show thin show
the effect of high.

As for pants, I said above is not
suitable for wearing thick thighs pencil pants, as long as the use of
long jacket cover, also can wear good-looking, pencil pants, render
socks of what is, after all, qiu dong joker sheet is tasted!

Watching this series of ladies dress, are you more confident, who says the beauty of the fat man can't wear?

I don't want to lose weight, NO!

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